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I purchase my groceries, my clothes, my medicine and other goods at walmart. I just purchased medicine for $76.00 That is being sold by a competitor for $20.25.

I have called customer service in Bentonvill 5 times and just got a response. The 4th time I called ,I was told that it had been solved and I had been sent gift cards. This was not true.

I was just called by an older lady with a short fuse telling me that she would not honor their policy and match the competitors price and she hung up. Very unprofessional.Guess I ail have to find a competitor to supply my and my wifes medicine.

Monetary Loss: $55.

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If it were me (and it's not), $57.25 is worth a trip to another store.




I purchased this prescription and paid $76.00 for it. I called 5 other pharmacies, most within a quarter mile and all were around $20.00.

It was reported to WalMart that this had been settled, but it had not been.I was overcharged by $55.00 and finally an old lady called me and said they would not return the overcharge.

This is how business goes. Guess the old lady is happy.


Again, what was the medication and did you use insurance or pay cash? Walmart, nor any other place of business must charge the same price for any product.

Insulin is $26 at Walmart, but CVS charges $76. Publix gives antibiotics for free, Walmart does not. Walmart charges $4 for metformin, Walgreens charges $56. See how it works?

It is not a rip off.

No one forced you to pay that price. You could have price checked and shopped around.


What medicine? OTC or prescription?

To price match the lower price must be advertised in matching store's sales ad. It is that simple.


don't you just love the ANONYMOUS posters that are attacking what you post on PISSED CONSUMER. Walmart underpays employees and this is why they TAKE it out on the CUSTOMERS!! It must be the CUSTOMERS FAULT the WALTONS MAKE MILLIONS and the employees make PENNIES!!!!


In order to use price match, you have to be buying the exact brand, size, in the case of pills it would be the same number and the same grams or whatever. Sometimes they require a person to bring in proof of the competitor's price, like an ad.

I'm sure WalMart won't miss your business. How do you know the lady that called you was an older lady?

A person's voice doesn't tell how old they are and how do you know she had a short fuse? You probably irritated her to cause the short fuse, if she had one.