Pensacola, Florida
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I bought groceries from the Neighborhood Market Walmart on 6670 Mobile Highway in Pensacola, Fl on 10-10-14. I was overcharged $7.48.

I called the store and told them what the cashier had done. They said they would refund the money if I brought the receipt into the store. I explained I lived an hour away. They said they could not help me.

Why is it my problem to fix when they made the mistake? I offered to fax the receipt but the manager said that would not help.

I guess I am out $ 7.88. What great customer service!!!!!!!!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $7.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Pros: Smallest of the store.

Walmart Cons: Customer service.

  • overcharged credit card
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So here's the thing: even if the store was willing and able to make a price adjustment without the physical receipt in the store (which they shouldn't) how are they supposed to refund your money? If you paid cash they have to hand you cash.

If you paid debit/credit they need the card to place the refund on to. You still need to go to the store for your refund.


Correct, be sure to call my store and request a refund over the phone. See how far that gets.

First B

Well I suppose they could send a gift card in the mail for the next time she goes to the store.


IF you wanted the money refunded, you would have made the drive. Being you weren't concerned enough to make the drive, it must not have been very important. Furthermore, look at your receipt before leaving the parking lot, problem solved.


Who said anything about driving, with not taking any responsibility for not checking the receipt before he left I think this person is two years old and way too young to drive.

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Taking the trip would cost more in gas. I think.