i was charged for the wrong product, didn't notice til i got home. 25 miles from the store, 50 miles round trip so i can't just run up & get my refund.

& the product will be rotted by the time i can go back. a checker should know the difference in an anhaimi chili pepper & a cuban pepper at double the price.

can't afford to be overcharged for something that is a luxury for me peppers i got was $2.49 a lb & i got right at a lb. i was charged $5.40 for 4 peppers yeah

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Wow, a whole $3...you were robbed! Seriously?

You're that angry over $3? You have issues.


listen to the comments, except for Mariboo. they apparently think the house paint is in the dairy section and the flat screen TV's are next to the lettuce.


How exactly is a cashier at Walmart supposed to know the difference between two peppers that look similar? It isn't as if she works in the produce department.

Also, as Jedi Knight Ethan asked, how could you not notice the overcharge? For myself, whenever I go shopping I mentally run my total and if the actual total is more than $1 higher, I ask questions before paying.


This is why I do NOT purchase any produce or meats at Wal*Mart. That, and it's pumped full of hormones, antibiotics, etc.

Why would you buy your fresh foods in the same place you buy house paint or a flat screen TV.

There's something not right about that. Stick to the grocery store, where the employees are more likely to know their sh*t.


They all look the same. How could you not notice you are charged over $3 extra?

Also you say a cashier should know the difference between the two kinds of peppers but you as an adult should know how to write a proper sentence. Just like you expected the cashier to know the difference between the two peppers we expect you, a grown man or woman, to know how to start a sentence with a capital letter.

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