Richardson, Texas

9/6/08 The Seagoville, Texas, Wal-Mart overcharged me for a package of sliced cheese. After going to customer service (and waiing in line for 20 minutes) the clerk refunded the overcharge. However, I was told the company no longer gives the item for free. Most other grocery chains do give the item for free.

The customer either has to accept the overcharge orf stand in line for long periods of time. There should be some compensation to the customer.

Wal-Mart gets almost all of my grocery buying business. This overcharge happens almost every time I shop at Wal-Mart. I am beginning to think that this is a subtle way Wal-Mart has of increasing their profits.

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They reviewed the security tapes and saw me switching prices. LIke they have nothing better to do then press charges against me.


Today I had three items that showed up higher at the register than on the shelf. This is not a mistake & I did not change prices or tags on anything.

The store manager stated sometimes people posting prices on shelves make mistakes. I don't believe this is a mistake but lazy and sloppy practices by Wal-Mart. It is against the law to have posted prices different than prices at the register.

I posted a complaint with the better business breau. Please do the same if you encounter this problem.


She did not get charged twice, she was overcharged, so if it cost $4 she was probably charged $5. I think some stores stopped this practice because people were taking advantage of it. They do know how the policy works. They think if a product is put in the wrong spot that they get the lower price and the item for free.

Let me tell you a story about how a "mother" taught her seven year old daughter to take advantage of this at my walmart. This mother went to get some books for her child. There were some in the priced lower and some priced higher. The mother switched the prices. I guess she did this often. Then she insisted the price was wrong. They went back to the department, and the mother claimed that the books were the lower price. The daughter said since my mother switched the tags the you have to give the book for free. She was trying to defend her mother. Knowing she was caught the mother smacked her daughter across the face and told her that if she did not get it for free she would slap her in front of everyone in the line and hit her with a tree branch when she got home. She had to pay full price because she was in the wrong. Then someone called the police on her because in the parking lot the mother was pulling her hair and told her that she would tell the police it was all her idea.

Long story some places stop this because of scammer, however I believe it is a consumer law that they have to give the item for free if is is under a certain amount of money and if is over you get to a certain dollar amount off.


Ya know it depends on the cashier....not just the store in general...It might happen every time but if you keep going to the wrong cashier than it's your fault....and why do they have to reimburse you with a simple mistake of scanning something twice...They already refunded your money you greedy person