East Windsor, New Jersey
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Purchased tires on sale on line with ship to store.

After paying at the store, I find the same tires are $11 cheaper in the store or $44 overall for 4 tires.

I called and emailed them and they basically said tough that's the way it is.

I tried again and got the same response.

They claim to price match, but they don't price match themselves.

Always the low price always doesn't always apply according to customer service

I suggest to people that they check elsewhere on tire prices before shopping at walmart.

Store personnel were friendly but were afraid to say anything about the prices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Claim.

Monetary Loss: $44.

  • Don t buy tires on line at Walmart
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Wal-Mart auto service in Forney, Texas do no value their faithful customers. on 03/06/14 I was at Wal-Mart early morning, decide to stop after work.

Unfortunately I left my lights on, so you guessed my car would not start due to battery. I went back into Wal-Mart and to auto department to ask if they would jump-start my battery. Thinking they would since I have been having my car service at Wal-Mart since my first car in 1988 and Wal-Wart in Forney from day one of their opening. To my surprise auto department say they are not allowed to jump-start battery even for faithful customer whom they already have our name on system because we have our cars service from oil changes, tires changes and even new batteries.

Lets not mention from buying clothing and grocery. I have spent SO MUCH MONEY at Wal-Mart and they would not assist a value customer with a simple jump-start on battery in their parking lot. This would not have cost Wal-Mart one penny. Well my business with dog-mart (Wal-Mart) is over my 26 years of putting money into that company is over :?


:? :?


The better question is why does Walmart think laws against deceptive advertising don't apply to them?

Someone who sees an advertised price shouldn't have to read the fine print in their price-match policy to discover the pricing in their online "store" is different than their brick-and-mortar stores.

If they do not want to honor the price they advertise online, they need to put such a notice next to every item they advertise.

I'll be filing a complaint with my state's attorney general. Not because I'm special, but because Walmart's compliance with the law is spurious.


The Price Match policy is specific about Walmart in store pricing and Walmart.com not matching. Why do people like you always think you're special and the rules don't apply to you?


That's fine. However if you put "we always match prices!" then you need to add as prominently "but we will not always do this".

I am sure that defeats the entire purpose of the advertisement but then that is the very purpose of the law, to defeat false advertising.

Why is it you think you're special and above the law?

No need to answer that, for we know the answer. Until we bring America back under our control we will have to suffer the courts and cops you bought.


The Price Match clearly states Walmart Stores and Walmart.com do NOT match each other.


Buy your tires elsewhere. They don't always mean low prices.

Every store in this world says they have low prices. You have to research them yourself. Low prices doesn't mean ALL items in the store are.

Just because they say. It's just to get you in the door.


return them and repurchase at the lower price! RETURN AND REPURCHASE at the lower price!