Desoto, Texas
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Several weeks ago I purchased Wonder Bread at my local Walmart. The shelf tag said the price was $1.78. When I read my receipt later, I found out I was charged $1.97 for the bread.

I immediately told store personnel about incorrect pricing at the register for bread. They assured me that they would promptly fix problem. Never fixed it. Got overcharged AGAIN $1.97 for what should have been $1.78 bread.

What else are they overcharging customers on?

Shelf tag said price was $1.78; register rang up $1.97. If store personnel don't care to fix the problem, then I hope that every person who sees this post checks their store receipts very carefully to see what else Walmart overcharges on.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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The rude comments are ridiculous. I watch when I'm being rung up at Wal-Mart or check the receipt immediately after.

Things are overcharged very frequently, and I always get the price changed to the price displayed, or I cancel/return the item if I don't have time to wait for someone to do a price check. Those few cents add up with so many customers (especially on a staple item).

The most common overcharge seems to be the "rollbacks" displayed on large signs to get you to stock up on the item because it's "on sale" only to be charged full price at the register. Some people don't want to make a fuss so they pay full price, or they don't notice so they pay full price, or they don't have time to wait for someone to run back to check the WM makes more money.


There have been chain stores that have had legal action brought against them, by different state Attorney General's offices, for overcharging like this. The two yobs who have had made immature comments are missing the point of this review, because they apparently lack common sense.


What you two doing is missing the point, I am sure that they won't go to the poorhouse because they had to pay an extra 19 cents for the bread, it is the principle that they are complaining about, not the 19 cents.


Apply for a job there and help them out.


I hope that 19 cents extra you had to pay did not put you in the poorhouse.