Biddeford, Maine

Every time I go to Walmart and get home to check my reciept I find that I've been overcharged. It's usually 10-20 cents over what the item was marked so I never bothered going to customer service to get my money back.

Then I realized, if every customer that checks out at Walmart gets overcharged 10-20cents they are making a HUGE profit on those errors. Now I go (as painful as that is)to customer service and get my money back.

I usually buy a lot at once so I cant stand there and watch each item get scanned. It is frustrating.

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WalMart is not that smart when it come's to over charging.I ordered online for my grandson back to school clothes right.Now i am aware that the pricing is different ok.But let me share this with you.The dickie pants were to small ok,So i returned the pant's for a credit on my credit card fine.Where the problem can in was the school shirt's where to small also.Never had this problem before usually everything i order is a perfect fit.Well when i went to the customer service desk i was told to go and Get the correct size in pant's and In shirt's.But the dickies that where in WalMart i did not want them because they where not the double knee pant's right.And the shirt's i did find but WalMart wanted to charge me $5.99 for 3 shirt's and $6.99 for one shirt right.So i informed the csr that i was not going to pay extra for the school shirt's and She acted as though she was shocked when i told her to place the whole amount of money that i spent back on my credit card.She replied wait a second i need to get my supervisor first ok.Well the csr return's and Inform's me that her supervisor said this time they will sell the school shirt's for the $5.00 that i got them for in the beginning.Now according to my paperwork that i recieved along with my order.It stated if i was not happy with the product,I could return all the package's along with the paperwork for a complete return of my money or I could exchange the product for the same price.When i showed the csr she did not know what to say next.But guess what i got the school shirt's for the $5.00 i paid for them.This just goes to show you what can happen if you take care of business in the right way.I left happy and The csr was very nice and Professional in her job duties.How about that.


Speaking of overcharging, I saw at this happens at some of the Walmart stores in my local area. But the way they do it is different.

They usually put a "clearance" red sticker on the original price of certain items. But amazing that "clearance" price is MORE than the original price!

Like I saw some shorts, the original retail price is $9, but they put them in the clearance section, the red label covering that original price, and the clearance price is $9.77! Now that's clever!


that's happened to me several times they usually use the arguement that the item was put in the wrong place. But they have to honor their mistake. Once got a $30 toothbrush for under $10 because they were all stocked the wrong way


So what item did they overcharge you on?


It's called TAXES, ***.


You're a d.o.u.c.he. bag.

It is not taxes, loser. It is overcharging. If it was taxes the OP wouldn't get his money back.

I don't know about the intelligence level in Oregon, but over here in Maine we are smart enough to realize when we are being overcharged. I am also from Biddeford and it has happened to me several times.