Minot, North Dakota
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This happened at the Walmart at West Fargo in North Dakota in March 2015: Chapstick is sold about 5 feet from the register line, for 98 cents. Yet the register rang it up for $1.

I need to "Enter at least 100 words" so the next 75 words will be filler just to get this beef off my chest. The cashier was told the error, then a manager had to be called over even though the cashier COULD SEE the price of 98 cents in large letters advertising the chapstick. Over time this small error could easily add up to big extra dollars for Walmart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: update your computers.

Walmart Cons: No one knew where posters were.

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Wow. A complaint about 2 cents. I think I've about seen it all on this site.


I am sure 2 cents is not the real issue here. It's annoying to say the least when this happens.

A consumer expects to pay what's listed whether you been charged 2¢ over or $5 over.


It is two cents it is not going to hurt this person.


For real?


Get a job so that two cents does not break you.


Are you freaking serious!!?? Its 2¢ What a waste.