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I've been going to Walmart for 30 years I'm a very picky eater when it comes down to meat and seafood Iast five years I've been buying Swai Fillets product at Walmart it has no Gray veins in the meat no bones and no fishy smell this has been the best fish fillet I have ever tasted and the the price was reasonable 4 lb equal 64 Oz that's 10 to 12 pieces of fish individually wrapped the price was $ 10.98 December of 2018 Walmart made a decision to change the product and the price they changed the product to their generic brand great value an overcharged for the exact same fish 14.98 they did the exact same thing with their catfish overly charging it went from 15.98 to 25.98 this is there a generic great value I'm the working class when I go to Walmart I look at every single package of meat that I buy in my household buyers beware Walmart is running the biggest scam ever on their customers how do you pay more for a generic

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Meat Department.

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Did you ever think that their previous supplier raised their prices and the new product actually saves you money?