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My son and I went to our local Walmart to shop for a pair of shoes. After trying some shoes on, my son finally decided on a pair, and

we shop for another 20 minutes. When we went to check out, the cashier opened the shoe box to scan the shoes. Next thing I know, the

cashier asked why there was blood in the box. I didn't believe him until I had seen the blood on his hand. At first I didn't know, but

then it hit me. My son had accidently cut himself before we left for the store. He thought it had stop bleeding before we had gotten

to the store. When I told the cashier this, he automatically shut his line down, rang us up, and went to wash his hands. I can

understand this, but what happened next shocked me. Apparently he told the manager what had happened, and they came up to me asking

how many pairs of shows did my son try on. I asked why. He said he needed to know to check for more blood. I think they completely

over reacted to this situation. My son is 8 years old. He has no disease. He is only a kid.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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First B

This is not overreacting, overracting would be yelling AIDS blood, they are by law required to be careful.


Accualy walmart didn't overreact, blood is considered a BIOHAZZARD and they have health protocalls they need to fallow with ANYONE who is bleeding. OSHIA requiors them to have blood spill kits that include, gloves, cleaning cloths a first aid kit, and disinfectant.


In a way, they did. But let's face it, a good 90% of the population overreacts.

If someone else tries on a pair of shoes then realizes there is blood on it, they might sue over it saying their life was endangered. Self-entitled sue-happy country we live in.


OP, what can I say that others haven't. You never know what kind of diseases you don't know your kid has.

And who wants top be patient zero for some new strand of virus named for your child? Besides all that, if a customer finds ONE speck of blood on a pair of shoes they want to try on, then that store is going to be hit with a lawsuit.


...and they didn't know your son was disease-free because....??? Seriously, better safe than sorry!




Universal precautions. They cannot assume your child does not have diseases.

Think about the next person that does into the shoe department. They are not going to think oh that blood is from an 8 year old disease free kid let me keep shopping.




Tasha- Actually, proper use of the word should have been underreact or using it as a noun, underreaction. However, I wasn't trying to appease some anal english major.

I was trying to make a point. But while we are on the topic of english (and grammar), your spelling and grammar is horrible (see comment 10.).


Still being topic, English should begin with a capital letter.


The problem here is you are blaming the wrong people. You should be more concerned at your lack of concern towards the fact your child was bleeding throughout the store and less toward the non racism issue that you are making this out to be.

I really hate when people automatically call racism when there is a conflict. Walmart did a good job here.


Mam Walmart didnt over reacted, they are doing their job. Its a safety policy for us to make sure that everyone will be safe to shop


Whenever anyone comes into contact with blood or bodily fluids they use universal precautions. It's called universal for a reason: the same response is used every time someone comes into contact with bodily fluids.

In this case, the universal precaution is to immediately stop what you are doing and wash hands with warm. soapy water. The clerk did just that. The fact that a child is 8 years old is not relevant.

Blood (at any age) contains some things that other people are either allergic to something or could affect their immune system in an adverse manner.

Blood left on shoes or shoe boxes can get into another unsuspected child's eye or mouth and could lead to serious illness or death. The title of this thread should be, "Parent...UNDER-REACTED."


Rainta..How do you assume that "they would not have asked me if I was white"? It's racist people like you that breed hate in this country...get over yourself!!!


This isn't because you're black. Stop assuming that, you're just making yourself look defensive and absurd.

YOU are actually the one overreacting to this situation by crying "Racism!" automatically. There was BLOOD, and the employee touched it.

There is protocol that needed to happen to clean the blood from all surfaces your son might have touched - not only to prevent any disease but also simply to keep the store sanitary. Use some common sense!


Tech. It's their job to get all hazardous materials cleaned up, including any blood.

Just think if you were shopping for shoes and you try on a pair then find someone elses blood on them. I'd panic if I found someone elses blood on one my children.