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I had a terrible experience so far with a Xmas gift. On Dec 21st my sister in law got a Wii U as a Xmas gift to my son.

The game was bought at Mountain View CA 94040, Mgr Derek Wensky, st 2280. By the way, the game costed USD 249.96 For my son's disappointment the Wii U did not work. I tried everything, made searches at Google and You Tube just to make sure I was not doing anything wrong, but nothing worked. Back in Katy, I decided to return it today (01/03/14) at store 3827, Mgr Jeannie Ellis.

I was very well assisted at Customers Service and I got a full refund on the original purchase. I went straight to get a new one inside the store. To my surprise the price was already USD 299.96, with slightly different combo box. Despite not willing to spend any additional Penny on Xmas shopping I decided to buy the new game so my son could enjoy Santa's gift.

To my surprise, when I opened the box the plastic bags were already opened and it was clear that the unit was a return... I was so disappointed in spending USD300 and getting an used game... Anyway, again, I tried to convince myself to go ahead and keep the used the Wii U just to avoid spending more time and money on a "gift". When setting up the game the users were already registered and there was a Parental Control PIN created by the original owner that did not allow me to erase the memory nor doing any settings!!!!

I am so frustrated!!!! How can Walmart sell an used game as a brand new????

Monetary Loss: $325.

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walmart has been having lots of issues with FAKE/USED/NOMERCHANDISE being in the boxes CEMENT is some of the boxes EMPLOYEES (INSIDERS) stealing the merchandise. WALMART has a hugh issue with this do a search you will see 2013 holiday scams by employees of walmart


Anyways the worst thing is when I tried to return the *** system my *** of a son told the CSM that I forgot the pin number that he saw me set it up and that when the system was opened the bags were not opened and everything was sealed. The same with my husband.

I told them both they were wrong, and blind because clearly the bags were sealed and the item was used. My son kept insisting that they bags were opened and mommy opened the bags. If it were not for my husband I would have returned my son's Christmas gift and he would have gotten nothing because both my husband and my son are liars.

Because of their lies I had to argue and argue. Finally they told me that I should call Nintendo to set up a new password and clear the memory.

When I called Nintendo they also lied and said that the password for the parental controls were created just yesterday.