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Where does common sense over come "policy". I guess walmart believes we are in a perfect world where everything is cut and dried and there can be no mistakes in their policy!

I paid for an item online to be picked up at the Harborcreek, Pa Walmard.

I used my email address and my credit card and my name and shipping address is listed on the account. I received a confirmation of the order on my email account. I then received a confirmation the order was ready to be picked up on my email. I drove 15 miles to the store to pick up the item.

(as a side note I came in with friends and we were happy and having a great evening). When I went to pick up the item I was told that someone else's name was listed as the pickup. I asked to see a Manager and a "cut and dried" no sense person came to "assist" me stating he "understood" (as his training to defuse a disgruntled customer had taught him. Obviously it never taught him common sense).

I showed him my original order and my confirmation of the order as well as the email showing it was ready to be picked up. He said he couldn't release the merchandise. I was upset since I had spent my money from my account on my account and he was keeping my money and my merchandise. I showed him my actual online bank account where it plainly listed the order as well as the dollar value exactly.

Also he should have been able to see that my name and my shipping address were exact as listed on the account. So again, where does common sense override "policy"? Not in this guy's world I guess. "Here to help me"?

No here to ruin my night, give me stomach pain from the stress, and steal my money so I can't afford to go purchase the item that I need from someone that would gladly take my money and be happy to give me the merchandise in return. Really? What would it take to convince such a person that maybe it might make sense to look at the account that I would gladly log into and show the order, the credit card (as well as show the actual card in my wallet), and show the shipping address and name and even the email address. Then to actually realize there was some error that had someone else listed as the pick up person on MY account and release the merchandise.

No instead this *** actually believes I would log into my account with my email address, use my name as listed on my shipping info, use my personal credit card, and drive 15 miles at 10pm to pick up something that I was as he must have thought, stealing from someone else... hello. Brains? What a fantastic manager.

Am I a Pissed off customer? You bet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $52.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Why didn't you just put your name on the online order? They don't know who you are and WHY would you put someone's else's name with online order??

Something doesn't add up here and I don't blame them for holding it. What if the person on the order comes into pick it up and they already gave it to you!