San Diego, California
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i payed my water bill at walmarts customer service counter,2 weeks later,i get a shut off notice from the water company...i go to back to the customer service counter,have to wait for supervisor,she looks in the computer,and they aren't showing a record for my payment,they're shutting my water off on thursday...the supervisor that was looking through their records had to ask 2 different girls if she was doing this right?YIKES...the water company is shutting off my water this thursday,i'm just outraged at the incompetence,my water gets shut off ,im sueing...

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I know that, at the Walmart I worked at (in customer service for 2 years), we didn't have the ability to support city utility payments. We could do power bills, credit card bills, but not anything controlled by the city.


Is walmart the water department? Come on pay your water bill the way most people do, on line to the water company!I would never pay my bills at walmart, costomer service is for walmart costomers not the water company costomers!


Tashee - Even though you are only fourteen-14-fourteen years old, you are a genius. Try writing to the White House - they need a genius like you to help out.

After her water gets turned off, she can serve cake with the beer.

Tasha - go put yourself in the time-out chair, get off the computer, and grow up.


Where is your proof that you paid it? I bet if you have shown them that it might have been easier to figure out and if you do try to sue them good luck because with no proof its going to be hard to, besides you should use the money center at your own risk.


you are talking about money gram then. you need to contact them and show them the proof that you paid your bill so they can submit it to your water company. Issues like this do not happen very often so this is probably why the service desk associates and CSM's did not know what to do.