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Paint problems,BONHAM texas I sent my husband to pick up some cans of spray paint primer,walmart brand color place, he was told it was coming in on the truck due in tomorrow, we went to the same store several hours after the truck was due to arrive, no paint on the shelf. I ask the hardware employee about the paint, he went to check and said it didnt come in, so then the mgr came over with his little computer thing and went to scan the item, to no avail he had no answers for me, so he called his boss and they said they were no longer carrying that brand, husband checked at another store 20 miles away they had none either, So while in Illinois I checked at the Vandalia Il store none on the shelf (they had all the other colors) so I ask that hardware employee and she informed me that they never did stock the primer, so I just had to ask why they have a sticker giving the discription and the price but never stocked it, answer was maybe they are out of it right now.....Moral of the story is they need to inform there employees on whether they r sold out or never stocked it,,, thanks Time wasted

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The problem there is simply bad management, someone in management dropped the ball when they didn't make sure said sticker was removed, it's a variation of the bait and switch, they don't have it so you end up buying something more expensive


If they had sticker with a desc. and price then obviously they had it at one time.

Associates may not make the decision what to stop carrying.

Oh wait they dont !!!! If the company stops a product they sometimes forget to call every associate who works for the company and let them know they will not be getting more.


They didn't have my paint wah wah. Boo *** hoo. This is a *** complaint.


They didn't have my paint wah wah. Boo *** hoo. This is a *** complaint.