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The cost of the passport picture is outrageous. They say it's because they guarantee them.well they have to because if they are not right they have to redo them.

I had to go back because the guy took the picture to close so the head was to big this was a joke a waste of our time. We found out after costco is 7.99 and others are 11.00 we paid 22.99 that is crazy they should be ashamed charging so much. Walmart always say they have the best prices but not in this case.

We will never go back for this service. I have heard other people complaining about the same thing hopefully Walmart will change this.

Reason of review: Passport pictures cost to high.

Walmart Cons: Photography.

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than do it your self. you can, all the "requirements" are on the form.

it takes time to do them. money to use the software (not cheap) and the techs still have to "tweek" them. i say have them fix it. if its wrong again than ask for half money back and have them redo it.

if they still cant get it right give back the passport pics and get a refund and find another place and inform the authorities. your local city hall should know whom to contact.


You should have had your parents research this before you went and got your passport. They could have researched and told you which store is cheapest.

Also if there are lots of complaints about the same thing why not go to Costco. I get it because mommy was not there to help you make the decision.


GD! You must be blowing walmart every day.