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I am so disappointed in your company and the decision to not carry Paula Deen because of her mistake!! I have worked at Walmart and I know there are employees of yours who use words that would be concidered politically incorrect!

My goodness please don't try to say that probably even good ole' Sam never used that word!

You need to pull every movie that some of the black actors and comics have made using slurs like "Cracker" and all the rap music from your store where the "N" word is used every other word! I think this is one HUGE can of worms that has been opened and it should NEVER gotten this guys have made a big mistake!!

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Mobile, Alabama, United States #673541

I would like to actually thank WalMart for their stand against Paula Deen. I was/am furious that you took MY choice away in removing her products.

HOWEVER, I needed that extra incentive to once and for all cut my dependence on WalMart.

I shopped elsewhere last night and actually ENJOYED the cleanliness, friendliness and (believe it or not) competitive prices. I am thrilled to have realized there IS life without Walmart and will encourage others to follow!


Like is stated before,Step up to the "Plate"You are a "Coward *** PERSON"I see you are not posting your true identity.Poor i am along way's from being "Poor".Get some "Backbone".


poor ignorant illiterate Peaches! I "KNOW" "no one cares" about your ignorant inbred opinions!


Actually i am so sure know one care's if you shop Walmart anymore.How "Black people speak to each other is none of your dam business.What we say to each other is between us,Not anyone else.We have it like that,But other's do not.I am so tired of you "White *** People"Trying to get in everyone's business.Mind your own business and The world will be a better place.Speaking for myself,I "Dare"Anyone who is not "Black"To walk up to me and Call me any name but "MISS-MRS.Everyone is due "Respect"It does not matter who you are.*** i have heard white people call each other "Crackers or Poor White Trash,I have heard hispanics call each other "Wet Backs and Taco eating trash so what,This is their business not your's.You really need to find something to do with your time,Instead of trying to cause problem's for other's"***"WTF is wrong with you.Please post your "Correct Name"This is if you are not afraid.Step up to the "Plate".Don't hide behind this site.From what i am reading on your post,You are probably "Poor White Trash"With nothing to do.


A lot of butt hurt white people here, listen people Paula deen is a multi millionaire with a multitude of best selling books if you honestly think that Walmart pulling her from their shelves will do anything you are obviously delusional and just looking for something to fight over.

Fairfax, Virginia, United States #671724

They sell "Niggaz With Attitude" albums and other albums with racist slurs in them, double standard is correct. Shame on Walmart.

to Me #671811

Walmart is a bunch of niggazs!


anyone that says they've never said neeger is a liar. I don't believe its racists its being descriptive.


It is the double standard created by liberals and the liberal media in this country. The left loves racist black *** like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, but they get on to someone like Paula Deen for something they said 30 years ago. Liberals are the lowest of all life forms.


Why aren't other products which features the n-word being removed as well? Simple, Paula Deen is the controversy, not the other products.

There are people boycotting in both directions, so what does it matter to Target? By removing the products, people who wish to support Paula Deen can do so from other stores or her own online store. This also allows people on both sides of the argument to shop freely at Target as well.

This isn't about Target supporting or not supporting.

This is about Target removing itself from the controversy.

Seriously, I won't be surprised once this whole things passes on by that her products slowly make it's way back into the stores.

to Matt #670846

Wow are you ever confused

Hopkinsville, Kentucky, United States #670146

the best way to handle wal=mart is not go there. they have put so many small owners out of business.

What ever Paula Deen did should be handled by people either buying or not buying her product and watching or not watching her show or the government should have closed wal-mart instead of fineing them for all there descrimanation of employes or wages not paid ect. Or Paula Deen should have been fined or left alone.

wal-mart only understands money. shop somewhere else


Funny how walmart is not carrying paula deen but has not problems carrying merchandise made by child labor.

Mobile, Alabama, United States #670114
Why is it considered racial ONLY when white people say it ?!!!
Then why in the *** do we have to listen to them call each other that CONSTENTLY ?!! ughh
Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #670076

This would never have come to light if she wasn't being sued or something by a former employee for calling him/her the "n" word. Furthermore, she has always come across like this sweet little southern lady.

How much of it is an act to sell things?

I guess this goes to prove that if a person thinks about doing things that puts them in the limelight, they better make sure their past is clean. She would have been better off just sticking to her restaurants.

Houston, Texas, United States #670015

Don't be disappointed in Walmart because she chose to use those words. I don't want my kids to think that society feels it is ok. I will never buy her products or anyone else that makes any type of racial remarks.

to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #670642

This was over 30 years ago, Mrs. Self righteous. Yet I am sure you love guys like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

to Anonymous Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #672098

Then YOU teach your kids. Society shouldn't teach them for you.

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