I am so ashamed of you guys! My family will not be shopping in your store anymore , after the fall out of Paula Deen ,I am sure your going to loose a lot of customers .I am so shocked that your company did this.

Shame shame shame shame . Always felt you had a heart ,but you don't!We have been shopping at wlmart at 40 years . I am sure no one in your company has said anything racist .

Yea right !shame shame shame shame shame shame on you . I have spent a lot of money in your stores over the years but not anymore!

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Mobile, Alabama, United States #672817

I noticed that Walmart was SO outraged at Paula Deen that they didn't pull her products or books. Wanted to get the last few dollars they can from this woman.

Double standard with the rap music....

too politically correct, I guess. Will seek any substitute for Walmart until they stay out of MY business of what I choose to buy or not buy.


It seems Walmart has a short memory. Discriminatory / derogatory practices or comments go hand in hand, and I seem to recall that Walmart has had many complaints and lawsuits filed by women to claim Walmart was (heavens no!) discriminatory to WOMEN. Walmart should not have made the decision they did, however with all the other freedoms we are losing everyday, like being ostracized for using "Dixie" and flying the Confederate flag (which is an attempt to just forget a part of history be it good or bad)- what freedoms might be next?


Nothing that Paul Deen did over 30 years ago changes my opinion of her I enjoy her cooking show and have several of her cook books. I cannot say the same about walmart and their worthless employees.


This was such a pathetic review

Augusta, Georgia, United States #671819

Walmart doen't care to sell anything made by child labor. I stopped shopping there last year. And I'm actually spending less money.


Paula Deen is bad publicity. Controversy written all over, the media, etc.

Unlike the any other products in the store which are not in the whole Paula Deen controversy. Many companies don't want any part of it.

It's that simple. Target doesn't care about what Paula said.

They just care that she's in bad publicity right now, and they want no play in it. Once it all blows over, her stuff will be right back in the stores as if it never left.

Fairfax, Virginia, United States #671723

It's very hypocritical of them since they sell the album by NWA, which stands for Niggaz With Attitude. Humm... They sell albums that have the "N" word in their lyrics as well and didn't ban them, again, humm???

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