You carry racist cd's that were produced in the last few years but will fire a lady over something she said 30 years ago. Since you are not fair will not be shopping with you.

I say get rid of all racism in the store. Very disappointed in this bias handling of this situation. I wish everyone could get along. Since the big boys are wanting to destroy Paula's company, maybe the little folk will stop shopping with you and hurt your corporation.

I know I will not be back until I feel you treat everyone equally. Having rap artist use racist terms in the name of art is bull.

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Mamaroneck, New York, United States #672068

Wow, you people need to find lives!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #671985

From what I have heard about the Paula Deen incident is that there is more to it than the "n" word. There is supposed to be some type of legal suit going on, and it is also supposed to be including at least one of her sons. I'm sure WalMart won't miss your business.

to anonymous Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #672124

Please stop posting about "what you've heard" and "some kind of legal suit" and actually educate yourself about the issues. Your repetitive posts are ridiculous,

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