I have shopped at Walmart ever sence it came to Battle Creek, I do not think its fair to put the cart before the horse and drop this Beautyful Ladies products, I've been in the store once sence your decision and only to pick up my glasses! I also only picked up some Paula Deen cookware.

That will be my only purchases in your store until things are made right.

I'll take it upon myself to ban myself from you're store because I may have also used the dreaded N word 20/30 years ago!!! I do not use it its wrong but it was a different world back then befor Walmart!!

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Mobile, Alabama, United States #673422

I would like to actually thank WalMart for their stand against Paula Deen. I was/am furious that you took MY choice away in removing her products.

HOWEVER, I needed that extra incentive to once and for all cut my dependence on WalMart.

I shopped elsewhere last night and actually ENJOYED the cleanliness, friendliness and (believe it or not) competitive prices. I am thrilled to have realized there IS life without Walmart and will encourage others to follow!

Mobile, Alabama, United States #672827

Walmart hasn't removed Paula Deen's products. Gotta get every single dime they can from her products...so outraged they were, huh?

Double standard again.

Sick of Walmart. Will do everything in my power to shop elsewhere.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #672332

I sure hope people don't come after me for the things I did over 30 years ago when I was 40 and knew better. Walmart has discriminated against women and their employees for decades and I don't understand how they can justify their actions its like the pot calling kettle black. Which as you all know I am guilty of I am always on here doing the exact same thing, I hope legal proceedings are filed against me for my actions 30 years ago I deserve just to be treated just like Ms Deen.

Moultrie, Georgia, United States #672263

I will not be back in your store until you put Paula Deen back. What is wrong with you people. You can be replaced !!!!!!!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #672245

There is more to this, than you apparently know. There is a legal proceedings against Ms.

Deen, her sons, brother, and all of their restaurants, for sexual harassment, as well as racial discrimination.

Look up the court payments and read them. In the meantime WalMart won't miss your business.



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