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I made my payment on time which it was 25 dollars and they still charge me 35 late fee. They gave the late fee back But now my payment is 35 so this month I paid again on time and again they gave me another 35 late charge.

So I called and they said that my due date is 26th every month which I paid on the 26th on time. So the supervisor told me they always give late fee if we pay on our due because it take 2 business days to post to your account and when it post they will take off the late charge fee. So basically they want us to pay our bill 2-3 day early.

That's not fare and not right they the only credit card that does that. All Wal-Mart credit card is messing up our credit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Please read my complain over again I said nothing about Wal-Mart store I said Wal-Mart credit card. And also I don't mail my payments in I pay online on time and before the cut off time.

I have read other comments about the Wal-Mart credit card and they are going through the same problem. All I'm saying if you don't want No late fees pay 2-3 days before the do date.


Why are you complaining on the walmart page if your complaint is about the company that issued your credit card?


Why not just pay it off early?

That solves the problem...a problem that is a result of your own inaction.


Why even have one at all? I've been credit card free for 20 years and it's liberating!


If you are mailing your payment on the due date it obviously isn't getting to them on time. Your payment has to be to them on the due date and you may even check your agreement to see if there is a certain time it needs tom be there, some companies it's noon.

As someone else said, Walmart didn't issue the card. Check with the credit company that issued your card.


Your complaint is with the credit card company that Walmart does business with, Not with Walmart.

So complain to that company.


I never said Wal-Mart I said Wal-Mart credit card is messing up our credit. I know it's not Wal-Mart the store.


But your complaint is about Walmart.