Athens, Georgia
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so the day before yesterday my fiancee had to help a woman that was in dying need of help. she was an older handicapped lady.

so as he was in hardware he heard this horrific scream and went to see what was wrong. a woman had fell on the floor and was kinda loopy. he had asked her what was wrong and she replied "that woman on the motorized cart has the ugliest creature ever." he looked at the woman in the motorized cart and seen that she had a tea-cup poodle-chihuahua mix. and he just looked at the old lady and she snapped "well aren't you going to do something" and he replied "can't" so she demanded a manager.

well he called for one and she told him to do something and he replied "can't due to the American disability act if the door greeter allows any pets through the door then management nor associates can do anything about it." so now shes threatening to sue Wal-Mart due to her over-dramatized bull-*** and her breaking out in hives. kinda wish she would have had a heart attack or something. i hate people that always try to cause drama.

especially to a poor little old handicapped woman. =D

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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old people that need these motorized carts just need to die. they're wasting my air that i breathe.

it kinda sucks that i have to share my air with them. they don't deserve it.