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why does people don"t find a parking space and park. they park at the fire lane and get off like they own the place or something.

Some of us do follow the law and have to find parking spaces and walk to the store How hard is for them to find a parking space. And some people do not even slow down at the yield zone they just drive like noone is there not carring if people is trying to cross.

I love visitting Walmart but some times its just to hard to understand careless drivers around there. Please WalMart pay attention to this things.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #216321

They can't stand in the parking lot and tell people how to park. At the most they can call the police and or towing company.

They can't hire extra people to stand outside and tell people not to park in front of fire lanes. Why not take some action yourself before asking someone else to do something.

For example if you see someone parking in the fire lane r wherever they feel like it or not slowing down why not either tell them yourself or report it to the police. People like you like to critize and want other people to solve the problems for them.

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