Chicago, Illinois
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Been really hot in Chicago lately but at my local Walmart a family named the Bundys have decided to move into the frozen department because they don't have air conditioning at home and they knocked their whole neighborhoods electricity out when they bought some cheap old fan from World War II. Well the two males are constantly going around hitting on women while the females sit around lounging all day.

They have managed to trick the management into thinking they are working for security. They even framed an old lady for stealing. Now they won a shopping spree by being a one millionth customer. They cut in line in front of their neighbor Marcy.

I saw them. They are 1,000,001 and get nothing. Not right...but I hear they settled to compete with Marcy for the shopping spree. Al has even made a special supercart for the race.

Peggy will use a super scooter to ride along and eat Bon bons and watch Oprah re-runs on her smartphone.

How innovative. I wish I could get away with doing that.

Reason of review: Other customers.

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First Born Triplet

The worst part of all of this true complaint is that the took Al's shopping cart and replaced it with one of their own noisy carts. But the Bundy's were kicked out of Krogers for doing the same thing so they tried Walmart.


People be nice to the unemployed welfare case who thinks their posts are actually funny!


Another id!ot troll who is not being properly supervisedbyhis/her parents.


Do you have a legitimate complaint or do you just want to post nonsense?

First Born Triplet

This is not nonsense, this really happened I was there. That same family got kicked out of Krogers for doing the same thing.(camping out in the freezer section and luring at women while the daughter was enticing men.