Be prepared to have your oder confused and then be treated rudely if Michele is on duty. Michele's incompetence costs me many hours of wait time.

Michele has not only given me misinformation but also speaks rudely and in a dismissive voice when out of earshot of the pharmacist. Michele is a poor example of what customer service skills Fred Walmart desired of his employees. It is a shame that Michele is allowed to work in a position of responsiblity. I can only imagine the mistakes and havoc Michele causes on a daily basis and most probably shifts the blame to others or denies any responsiblity for them.

I think it would be wise for a manager to equip her with a mini cam that cannot be disabled so that s/he can witness her interactions with customers.

This would serve to either improve her behavior or have her dismised. Either option would be preferable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Actually, it is Sam Walton. If you don't like the service at WalMart, go to a different pharmacy. Simple.


Sorry it's Sam Walmart and yes he would be a shaking mad if he were alive to see Michele's behavior towards his customers.

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