Walnut Creek, California
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I was in the deli this am. I wanted some off the bone ham, there were no other customers, the lady behind the counter was logging packages, she did not look up, I cleared my throat a couple of times she never acknowledged my being there.

When I had my Sears store I told my employees the customer comes first. Publix instills that in all their employees they make each customer feel very important.

I feel there are to many people looking for jobs that would have been much more receptive to the customer. I would be glad to give this employee lessons on THE Consumer comes first!

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I was in Walmart on Monday and was trying to find someone in the toy department I found 3 employees standing around talking I ask if there was someone available in the toy department they said sure we'll get someone over there. I walked away out of sight of the employees and watched them while they continued talking.

I used my cell phone to call the store and spoke to a manager I told him to please come to the aisle I was on he was there in 30 seconds, I told him I ask those 3 employees standing over there talking to have a employee from the toy dept. help me and they said they would and they haven't moved or called anyone since I walked away which is why I called him. I said I'm not sure if they are on break but I didn't want to trouble them again. He said they are not on break and he was very apologetic and said that one of the girls was suppose to be working the toy dept.

about that time the girl comes running up and ask how she could help me I ignored and told the manager what I was looking for he walked me to the aisle and reached up to the back of the top shelf and got it for me since it was out of sight and reach for me. I then heard him tell her to come with him he wanted to talk to her and he told the other girls to come with him too.

By the look on their faces they were all going to get spanked since the manager was visibly annoyed. :)


I see your another HAS BEEN KNOW IT ALL!!!!!!!!! Your the one that needs the LESSONS with your attitude failed has been!! :x :x :x :x :x :x :x