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I had $ 25,000 stolen from my bank account via the card... there was a point not so long ago someone could use a stolen bank card...

and cash out w/o needing to provide the pin number... just run the card on credit... THEN... that same person could return to the customer service desk and give a reason for having to return the merchandise...

b/c the original purchase was paid for by credit and not debit... that particular thief is given cash back... i simply filed a police report... BUT there are thousands of dollars that were taken from can a nobody win against Walmart on their own...

I no longer shop there unless I have a child get sick in the middle of the night... this company should show gratitude to all the nobodies who made them so wealthy... but it would be hard to make the owners, family and whoever else see the rest of the world suffer from their silence.... my son served two tours in the nations longest war...

and he wrote me two say that there was a Walmart on the army base!!! I could not believe.... damn... those people are trying to make America think they care....

but as the song goes... money makes the world go round and greed is there to make sure it doesn't stop...

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Cash back is not given when the original transaction was a credit, only when debit is used can you get cash back. Refunds are processed in the manner of original tender.


This is exactly why no one should use a debit card. With a debit card your account can be fraudulently drained and you have to fight to get your money back.

If your credit card is used fraudulently you can refuse payment.

The smart way to make purchases is to use a credit card that gives you cash back and pay it in full monthly or more often. You'll get cash back and not have the risks of loosing your cash with a debit card.


Nothing to do with Walmart, but just the fault of your debit card and the bank. Did a friend or relative have your PIN? Contact the bank immediately and not by phone.