Bayside, New York
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I went to Walmart pharmacy in Levittown to pick up Silver Sulfa 1% cream. The pharmacist explained to me about the medication.

He said it was for burns an it prevented infection. (I read the printout before he came to me. He just repeated it.) I asked whether it was an antibiotic. He said "yes" and it got silver.

I jokingly said they should use mercury to kill everything instead. So we parted.

He did not bother to ask why I got this cream. I chose this pharmacy only because it is close by.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pharmacist.

Reason of review: useless pharmacist.

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They are not supposed to ask why you are getting any type of medication because of privacy. They can explain what a medicine is for, how to use it, and answer questions, which is what he did, so what are you upset about?

Of course he just repeated what the form said because that is the information for the medicine. If he said something else it would not be accurate for that medicine.


If he did ask why you bought the cream, you would be pissed off that he did not mind his own business. You are supposedly an adult and he expects you to know your products.