Massillon, Ohio
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I have been getting my prescription grugs at wall-mart for many tears, now the drugest tells me I can not get 90 day supply, I must take 30 day supply. the drugest said my ins.

co. will not pay for 90 day supply. that was a lie. I called my Ins.

co. they said sure they pay for 90 day supply. I called the store manger & she said the drugest was a nice man & she does not want to do any thing. so now I get My prescription 90 day supply with the same Ins.


at another drug store. their are lots of drug store that will treat you better

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Judging by this *** post, he is on enough drugs as it is.

Federal drug regulations change. It may have nothing to do with Walmart or your insurance company.

However this time of year, many people are in or are approaching what the insurance companies call the "doughnut hole". Double check with your insurance company.

After you do that, buy yourself some tissue paper and whine about everything.


What is a "drugest" ???