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Went to the pharmacy in Chattanooga, TN on Brainerd Road to pick up a prescription for my niece, i was the only one in line and was told that someone would help me in just a few minutes, well i waited and i waited, all the while employee after employee looked at me and preceded to do whatever they were doing, i freaking lost it, a line had formed behind me and i snapped. I walked up close to the counter and asked loudly if they could see me or if i was invisible?

I spoke so everyone could hear me and i said "I been standing here for over 30 minutes waiting to pick up a prescription for my niece and have been ignored, someone needs to help me right now so i can *** go".

I was only then immediately helped, the cashier said while handing me the prescription "thank you" in a smugg tone, i replied never again B! $÷×, with a smile on my face.

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Ironically I used to live in Chattanooga moving there from Florida. I know that WalMart, and after observing the "locals" for over 12 years I am (unfortunately) well versed in the ways of Skanks like this Pharmacy "Customer".

100% pure, self-entailed, ignorant, local, homegrown, trash.

A prime example of a primitive people born and bread in the "Deep South" trying to function in a society civilized above them.And if you have to unfortunate opportunity to even meet one. Make sure you do not look them in the eye, speak slowly and clearly and try to conform to there more "Primal" nature.


I bought a Walmart microwave oven and I accidentally broke the glass that goes in the bottom. Walmart does not have the replacement part.

What am I going to do with it now. It is brand new.

to Elizabeth Maney #1503572

Well, for starters, you could post this correctly - in an email, to the company, where it might be seen. Instead of as a comment on a public forum.

to Elizabeth Maney #1526408

You should donate it to Goodwill.


My name is self entitlement butt muncher. I shop at Walmart.

Why do INhave to wait? You maybe the customer but the pharmacist runs it and needs time to do their job. Maybe suck it up and grow a pair. Life isn’t about YOU!!!

There is at most a 15 min wait to 30 mins when the pharmacist goes on lunch. You KNOW you waited about 10 mins. Probably less but YOU expect the entire world to work like a webpage.

Sorry princess simpleton snowflake but it’s people like you that make places like Wally World SUCK!! Since when are YOU so much more important then anyone else.


Please Stop with the dramatics.I Really wonder What Walmart Pharmacy's side of this story is.


I doubt it was 30 minutes. It was probably 30 seconds.

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