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I owned a drug store for 23 years and if we had treated our business for the Pharmacy as your polices are, we would not have lasted two months. I had the pharmacist tell me today that she needed to speak with the Dr.

before she could refill. After hours of trying to get medicine for my daughter who is a 4th stage cancer person who uses a mouthwash for the pain that is made up in the pharmacy it took me over 6 hours calling back and forth for this medication. I called the Dr. myself, he called the Pharmacy and after never getting them to answer the phone, he left a message by voice mail to fill it, which they never listened to the message.

She was too busy giving vaccines to people. She is a Pharmacist. My daughter has cancer of the mouth. When I called and told them about the Dr.

having a message for her to fill it. She called him back and argued with the Dr. it was too early to fill it. Then she told me she was going to fill it, but Walmart's policy was for them to wait while she filled it and she did not when she would fill it.

I had to hire someone to go and sit and wait until she decided she was going to fill it, because I did not have anyone else to go get it. If I could give you 0 stars for the Pharmacy on 425 So., Monticello, AR. that is what it would be. No phone answered by anyone forever.

Questioning the Dr. on a refill after he has called twice to have it filled and her not doing her job as a Pharmacist, but giving vaccines when you have run ever other Pharmacy out of town, it is pitiful service and you make us grovel to get a RX from your pharmacy.

User's recommendation: If you can go anywhere else, they do not appreciate their customers. I spend tons of money on groceries there, but I would never go in unless Walmart had run everyone else out of business. You are high on your prices and do not appreciate any customer.

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A lot of laws are changing in regards to pain medications. Regulators are cracking down on both doctors and pharmacies in an effort to stop over use of addictive pain medications. Don't blame the pharmacy for being overly cautious.

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