Pompano Beach, Florida
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for 4 months in a row the pharmacy has been out of stock of my prescribed hydrocodone. I take this for pain.

why the heck don't they stock more or change the re-order point. they act like its no big deal and tell me to come back in a few days. I'm supposed to take it 3 times a day everyday !!! It's the pompano beach Wal-Mart on federal highway.

They need someone to manage this dept. People need their meds on time not when they feel to re-order.

Reason of review: out of stock medication.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Address your complaint with the DEA. Since hydrocodone has been changed to a narcotic, pharmacies are limited on the amount of narcotics they can order monthly.

They go fast. It sucks, but it is not the pharmacist or the pharmacy's fault.

It is the government. Call and harass them.


You have a point, the problem is not theirs. I want to find out where the OP works and start harassing her for something that is totally out of her control.

Telling her she is doing a poor job. Then she will grow up and realize that blaming someone for something that is not their fault is childish.


I doubt the OP has a job. You need to have at least some high school education to hold a job, and after looking at her poor spelling and grammar I doubt she made it past the second grade.