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I went in to the Dunedin store to pick-up a non-narcotic medication, I gave the clerk my name, she looked in the computer again, repeated my name and said "No Good." I informed the clerk of the medication's name and respelled my name again for her, again she looked in the computer, repeated my name and said "No Good." At this point I showed the clerk the text message on my phone confirming the RX was ready to pick-up. The clerk, without looking in the computer said it must have been returned to the shelf.

I asked her to have it refilled which viably aggravated her and told her I would wait for it. She put the order in the computer, I asked how long it would, the clerk responded by saying she did not know, adding they were very busy.

I again asked how long it will be, she again snappily said I don't know. I asked if it would be 1/2 hour, an hour, 3 hours, a week, a month, a year....., she again replied "I don't know, were are busy." This is not the first negative experience I have had with Wallmart Pharmacy staff, in fact every encounter is nothing but an aggravation, so this is the last RX they will veer fill for me or my family, I transferred all of my RX's with refills to another pharmacy and strongly recommend everyone does the same.

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I have never been successful with getting anything filled at walmart. they are always wanting to fill part of the order and wanting me to come back in a few days to pick up the rest I have since found a local pharmacy that never has that issue. also I can go a week later to get my refill and it will not have been put back in the system find a good local pharmacy it is so worth it


Sounds like part of the problem could have been caused by your attitude.


Sounds like you're the one with the attitude. I believe he had a legitimate argument, most customer service these days is because these people are underpaid, overworked and treated like ***, and WALMART is a rotten to the core *** *** company for which no one should do business with.


The person kept repeating themselves, asking the same question twice, they have other customer to deal with. If this person did not understand what "I don't know when your prescription will be filled we are busy" means, they must have a poor understanding of the English language or be seven years old.

First Born Triplet

Yeah well she was sarcastic the second time she replied. The employee already said she does not know, she did not need to get sarcastic the next time.

She does however have a legitimate complaint, and if she is the one that posted that comment about rather having he son die or go into a coma then deal with them again that sarcasm is going too far.

I think you would react the same way if someone was sarcastic to you as well. Then again she could be behaving this way because of her meds, either a side effect or not taking them that day, and if this were the case the pharmacist should be more understanding since they probably have a degree in medicine to know these signs.

@First Born Triplet

Exactly, she that is exactly what I meant when the problem could have been caused by her attitude. She was sarcastic when she said.

"I again asked how long it will be, she again snappily said I don't know.I asked if it would be 1/2 hour, an hour, 3 hours, a week, a month, a year....., she again replied "I don't know, were are busy."

She could have simply asked again without the sarcasm.

Though I think she was looking for an estimate time. Any human being would be snappy if insulted by someone behaving like a child.

She did not need to ask if it would take a week, month or year.

I don't care if she is on her meds or if it is a side effect, no decent loving parent would make a comment about wanting her son to die rather than spend more money with them. As a matter of fact no decent human being would say that about anyone.


Sounds like you have an attitude. how long is probably one of the top 2 questions asked at the pharmacist. No one expects a too the second time but an estimate is standard and by not giving one is causing more aggravation then needed.


Sounds like you work for them, you know what I get my son's insulin from them, but not anymore, I would rather he die or go into a diabetic coma than spend more money at their pharmacy.


Well in that case you have issues, and I am sure you won't be missed. I don't work for them, I find it sick that you would make a comment saying you rather your son die than give them more money.

No loving parent says that.

Even in a sarcastic tone. Good luck, you need it.