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I called in the morning to check on my sons prescription and they told me it was ready. Knowing that I have seen a closed for lunch sign before, I asked what time they are closing for lunch.

The Technician asked the Pharmacist if they were closing for lunch and he responded no. I heard him in the background. I showed up at 1:45 pm and it was closed for lunch. Just about the time I was done rolling my eyes in disbelief because I wasted MY lunch running over to pick up the medicine, a woman walked up and just about lost her mind.

She had dropped off a prescription at 1:20 pm and they said it would be ready in 20 min. So she came back in 20 minutes only to find the gate down for lunch. A customer service worker saw we were pissed and called the Pharmacist to come out and talk with "a couple of customers". He was a lovely man from Jamaica, explaining to us that there is nothing he could do, they close for lunch, look at the sign.

He then pointed at the sign that is camouflaged on the wall with all of the other signs and I told him that I called earlier and was told they were not closing for lunch.

He just repeated it again in his broken English...there is nothing I can do, come back at 2 pm. WTF

POOR POOR customer service and maybe some workers that need to be on the same page about whether or not they are closing for lunch.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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What if someone was having a psychotic break and needed to get their meds as soon as possible?

to Lets Have A Dollar General Wedding #1663454

Then that person should go to a Walgreens, CVS, or Rite Aid


That has happened to me also, lunch hours not posted on line only in pharmacy so you don't know untill you get there. No problem with lunch brake just let it be known before you arrive.


So ridious for the pharmacy to close for lunch. Nobody wants to stay in walmart and wait for them too eat lunch! STUPID

to Betty Day #1635376

And it is okay for Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians work long hours without a break? There is only one pharmacist in the pharmacy during business hours therefore they can't leave the pharmacy without closing it down TO EAT.

General shift is from 9AM to 9PM --- lets be considerate and let them have a 30 to 1 hour break from *** people like you. No one told you to stay in walmart while they eat lunch.

Do you show up at ChickFila at 11pm when its closed? No, didn't think so cause you PLAN ACCORDINGLY.

to Delilah #1663462

Leave Betty alone. She is just an eleven year old child that is self centered. I bet if she were old enough to work she would be pissed if she did not get her lunch break.

to Delilah #1663464

Most places have shifts where when one person goes on break the other is working. I think since the pharmacy is paying rent to walmart and not part of the actual store they don't follow that rule..

to Betty Day #1663450

Then go somewhere to get your meds! Don't you get a lunch break at your job? I wouldn't want a hangry pharmacist making a mistake on my med.


The Author of the original complaint is the type of person whom would stare at one wide eyed and mouth agape if confronted and told what they really are. The are self entitled bullies of the most deplorably means.


Pharmacist have bosses too. So even if the pharmacist doesn’t expect to take a lunch their bosses will force them to.

Many times the lunch closure is when they can catch it. Sometimes it’s used by the bosses to chew them out. I understand frustration but you should be ashamed to take away from someone’s lunch really. As a pharmacist you claim to know how it all works yet fail to take into consideration extenuating circumstances outside of a pharmacists control.

Then you demand service??? Sorry but you are acting like one of the sheeple. Little snowflake demanding special treatment.

Maybe put a mirror up and look at what you are doing. You are acting just like one of the very same people you despise having to deal with as a pharmacy employee.

to Durpa #1504247

Thank you Durpa. I originally wanted to post this on the Walmart website and the google search that I chose, took me to this website.

After I posted the comment, what I thought was a review, I received an email that said "pissedcustomer". I am NOT a pharmacist, I am a technician. I am not entitled. I am not racist.

I work hard. I was frustrated. I literally walked up to the gate, rolled my eyes, turned around to walk away and ran into the woman who was raging that was told to come back in 20 minutes and then the gate closed for lunch. I did not demand service.

The only reason that I stood there with the Walmart Manager is because the sign on the wall that stated that they close from 1:30 to 2 for lunch was amid a few other signs and not easily seen...and I just wanted to know when they were opening back up. The Manager got on the phone and called someone and said "can you come talk to a couple customers". I thought he was calling a different manager. That is when the Pharmacist came out.

At that point I thought it was blown way out of proportion, especially when the other woman started yelling at him to transfer her prescription to her pharmacist husband in Kendallville so he can just "bring it home with him". At that point I left, wide eyed, like wow. I feel as if everyones tone on this site is really hateful. Not sure if anyone else sees that, but I am certainly not coming across the way that I am being portrayed.

Anyways, thankyou everyone on this message board that has made me realize how angry people really are and when I get frustrated about something, wait 12 hours before posting anything publicly because there will most likely be something in my life that comes up that overshadows that and makes it very insignificant.

Peace out. Thanks for all of your comments.




If you are a pharmacist, then Why are you complaining on a website that Walmart Does Not read?Why are you stating the following...Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution when Walmart Does Not read this website?

to Anonymous #1663466

That is the site's problem not the OP's. They have several general options or you can choose your own.

So she choose to let the company propose a solution. Another is full refund which I disagree with since a lot of people are choosing that in hopes of getting something for free when they should not.


If this is about "communication" then stop with your lies! You work in a Pharmacy?

And that Pharmacy could not fill your prescription during your lunch?

Sure, that makes total sense. So you just had to drive your *** over to Walmart just to insult a Jamaican staff member...racist trash.

to Anonymous #1503589

What did they say that was racist? I'll wait.

to Anonymous #1663467

They posted the race of the pharmacist. To some people that is considered "racist".

to Anonymous #1503600

Wow. Read my original post.

I was the customer that a technician told they would be open the whole day instead of taking their regularly scheduled 30 min break. You need to cool your jets. The reason I mentioned working in a Pharmacy is because I know of the 12 hour days that they have Pharmacists work and do not staff other Pharmacists to relieve them for a break.

Racist? You sound very ignorant and I will not even speak to you assuming I am racist trash because it is preposterous accusation.

to Anonymous #1503740

You could have stated a gentlemen, but you had to bring race and nationality into this. There is no ignorance in seeing to the core of a person.

"He just repeated it again in his broken English" did that scare you? Was you medication used in treatment of xenophobia?

to Anonymous #1663470

They did not state the race to be racist. Just so they knew who the the OP was talking about.

Gosh some people jump to conclusions. I am sure that there are a lot of gentlemen working in that Walmart that are customer service managers.

Besides if he/she were "racist" he/she would not call the man a lovely gentleman. They are just mentioning his race to tell which of their 14 customer service managers is the one that talked to them.

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