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I called in the morning to check on my sons prescription and they told me it was ready. Knowing that I have seen a closed for lunch sign before, I asked what time they are closing for lunch.

The Technician asked the Pharmacist if they were closing for lunch and he responded no. I heard him in the background. I showed up at 1:45 pm and it was closed for lunch. Just about the time I was done rolling my eyes in disbelief because I wasted MY lunch running over to pick up the medicine, a woman walked up and just about lost her mind.

She had dropped off a prescription at 1:20 pm and they said it would be ready in 20 min. So she came back in 20 minutes only to find the gate down for lunch. A customer service worker saw we were pissed and called the Pharmacist to come out and talk with "a couple of customers". He was a lovely man from Jamaica, explaining to us that there is nothing he could do, they close for lunch, look at the sign.

He then pointed at the sign that is camouflaged on the wall with all of the other signs and I told him that I called earlier and was told they were not closing for lunch.

He just repeated it again in his broken English...there is nothing I can do, come back at 2 pm. WTF

POOR POOR customer service and maybe some workers that need to be on the same page about whether or not they are closing for lunch.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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As a senior I had to switch to Walmart in order to get the lowest prices on Medicare Part D. I was formerly using CVS.

CVS doesn't close it's pharmacy for lunch. I wouldn't oppose Walmart closing for lunch if their pharmacies had later hours and closed at 9pm instead of 7pm. Walmart closes their pharmacies earlier than any other chain. Wegmans supermarket pharmacies are all open till 9pm with no lunch breaks.

Obviously their pharmacists get lunch breaks but they are staggered. Humana has partnered with Walmart so in order to go with their plan you have to use Walmart.


Honestly I think the whole thing is a misunderstanding. Walmart overworks the *** out of pharmacy just like anywhere else, they give minimum hours and they despise overlap.

It’s sounds like it was a new tech and the pharmacist probably thought he was asking if he was going to lunch not when the pharmacy will be closed. It happens a lot where the pharmacist works threw their lunch to try to catch up or try to rush filling for the *** that can’t read a lunch sign and won’t accept that it will have to be done after.

Also the pharmacy is owned and run by Walmart not a rented out space I think I read that in a comment that somebody thought that? It does have its own management though and the store manager has no authority over it.


So you get lunch and other people don’t hmmmmmmm interesting do you think it owes you ???? Not next time ask you know open mouth . Thank You


True very true. Simple sign.

Thats say lunch. Would help


Yea-how annoying that they're human beings too and have to eat. How dare they.

Wait the half an hour. First world problems you impatient selfish excuse for a human.


You are obviously a health happy person. Empathy is not one of your strong points.

I have been victim of being told 20 minutes and then finding them closed for lunch when the 20 minutes elapsed. I am handicapped and have to use a walker but try and get an electric cart.

Of course this day they had none charged. I learned my lesson and switched to Walgreens where they know customer service.


We do not live in Mayberry. To close for lunch is ridiculous.

There is no other pharmacy that does that. Matter of fact im going to have my Rx moved to Shop-Rite.


The signs are in every Walmart, but it's your job to look for them. I have yet to see one that doesn't have their hours posted and visible to customers.

The issue more than anything nowadays is people don't look up from their stupid phones other than a glance or two. Situational awareness is a wonderful thing.


Silly but, even though I am not one focused on my phone, I would not look for a closed for lunch sign. It's a rather odd and unusual activity.


Oh ok. I guess Pharmacists should work 9 hour shifts with no breaks or lunch so that it does not cause an inconvienence for your royal *** F u


Pharmacy should have more than one pharmacist on duty, so lunches can be spaced apart. Period.

As a nurse myself... we dont shut the unit down for lunch, we scatter lunches.


Should be TWO shifts on board at all Times. So that people are able to get their medications. SMH Really!


You are comparing a hospital to Walmart that's like comparing spam to prime rib. Ignorant people


No all the person was saying is they should scatter the lunch breaks. I agree and they use to do that. But Walmart has gone down hill.


Comparing pharmacy to pharmacy is what you're reading. Closing for lunch is certainly not a normal procedure. Staggering lunches so the customer, the reason the pharmacist has a job, is not inconvenienced.


You also have more employees


Seems that the entire store should close for lunch, based on your faulty train of thought. Maybe you should think it through before posting your angry comments.


Everyone needs a lunch break while working, and serving the people . please be patient, with those who serve you. Thank you for reading my comment.


Of course they are entitled to lunch. The problem is that they didn't inform their customers.

One asked if they were closing for lunch and were told no and the other was told to come back in 20 minutes rather than being told they would be closed for lunch until 2PM. Simple communications would have avoided these situations.


They don’t all have to go to lunch at the same time! Leave one person there to get prescriptions that are filled!

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