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I called in my Rx and the recording said it was out of refills and to wait one business day, I waited. I called and waited two more times.

I called my Dr’s office. They called. I waited 3 more days. I called the Dr’s office again as now I’m out of medication.

They called again only NOW to be told that the medication is on back order.

I called the pharmacy to see if the had any idea when they will get it and was put on hold and forgotten. When I finally talked to another person they just told me to call Walgreens or CVS.

It sure would have been nice to have known this in the beginning!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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My local Walmart pharmacy sell that I was taking too much pain medication for my PA which was check every month by my cardiologist and my psychiatrist made me sign a consent for Narcan and she also called mymealorder Pharmacy and told them not to take my doctor's prescribe medicine. I havae been off my meds for over 4 months because of this Nazi.

Mail order showed me notes she sent them. I never got any pain meds from Wal-Mart. I don't believe she was trying to save my life I have cquentia which you enter in the medicine it tells you exactly the drug interaction and how your body metabolizes it.Orlando F.L.I have spent 1000 out of pocket for pain manAgement. Its a racket.

They want to do vitamin infusions on you they want to do steroid injections on you and I want you to get a back brace for the surgeon said no back braces disabled I'm 61 years old I'm not going to go paint the town on Percocet. I want to thank this sneeky witch for overstepping her bounds. So to catch 22 if you want to get off of pain medicine and go to a Suboxone doctor which is a PC. 4 1/2 hrs.course.

in which they charge you $350 for first visit Annie won't give you walk out stating because they don't want it turned into their taxis. And if you have a headache too bad they won't prescribe anything other than Suboxone.

+ C make you go to the bathroom every month which they make more money off of that than they do their Medicare appointments. This system sucks not only that they're coming out with ketamine nasal spray old boy let's see how that works out it took off Lomotil which is an anti-diarrhea medicine because kids were abusing it kids like to sniff glue I didn't take the glue off the market kids for housing did they take aerosol off the market it's up to the individual to control themselves kids if they want to get high they will High has nothing to do with my pain medication PS the pharmacist was acutely aware that I lost my son to an overdose of ketamine which was put in his medicine to kill him so what's a homicide I can't even go to Walmart cuz I hate it


Walgreens just did the same thing to me. Strung me along for four days.

Finally telling me that my medicine is on back order for a whole freaking month! Seriously? So now I’ll have to go to Walmart.

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