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Dear WalMart,

Thanks for having me in your Rehoboth Beach, DE store this afternoon to spend a beautiful Sunday driving the 40 mile round trip from home. I called in a prescription this morning and your extremely intelligent automated system told me that my prescription would be ready for pick up after 12:00 noon. I arrived at the store about 1:40 pm and found the pharmacy closed...imagine my surprise as I have never seen this at any pharmacy before. It appeared to me that they were on a 2-hour lunch, though they claim it was only 1/2 hour. Well, anyway my medication was not available and the clerk was nice enough to tell me that I can come back tomorrow. Thanks for allowing me to come back in, as I cannot think of anything I would rather do than drive the 40 mile round trip again to pick up my medication.

Went and spoke to Linda, the Customer Service Manager and she advised that my best option is to call the pharmacy before coming in and not to believe the automated system. I had her call the Asst. Mgr., Dave and explained the situation to him. David offered me a $20.00 voucher for my trouble, but I declined.

Called the WalMart store in Berlin, MD and asked to have my prescription transferred there as I will never visit the store in Rehoboth Beach again. Shortly after I received a call from a very belligerent pharmacist named Jason demanding to know what my problem was with his pharmacy and telling me he was only at lunch for 1/2 hour...I hung up on him. Jason called back and told me we got disconnected. I explained to him that I had nothing to speak with him about and that I am transferring my prescription to another store, and that I hung up on him. Jason responded that I could not transfer a prescription unless he released it and he had something to say to me; I hung up on Jason again, then called David back and told him that I did not appreciate being badgered and threatened. Told David that Jason's treatment of me and his attitude are unprofessional and he should be fired.

I am really not happy at all with WalMart today! *** store with *** employees with *** attitudes. All it would have taken would have been a simple phone call to let me know that the medication was not available and I would have had a pleasant Sunday afternoon. Instead, the insensitivity of WalMart employees and lack of customer service caused me to consume about three gallons of premium fuel (and I will have to do the same again to get my prescription at the Berlin, MD store) and 2.5 hours of my leisure time on a Sunday afternoon (ditto for my time tomorrow as well).

I wish upon you all the experience that I had at your store today, in perpetuity!!!

Richard C. Mason

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $150.

  • rude employee
  • out of medication
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you hung up on them? what a *** you are ...

they do only get 30 minute lunch breaks for 10+ hour shifts ... must be nice up there on that high horse of yours eh ... the only person i'm disappointed with in this story is the one that offered you money for being angry about posted pharmacy hours ... it tells you on the *** automated system if you would just listen ...

plus they're posted at the store ... i guess you dont get lunch breaks where you work, that's really a shame ... you should let your employer know that's against the law maybe things will change ...

have a good life thinking you're more important than everyone else, just like everyone else does ... hope that works out for you ....


I don't think this person works, they just sit around the house collecting welfare.


They offered you a "voucher" (I assume you mean gift card) for the inconvenience. They tried to make it right, you just wouldn't let them

First Born Triplet

You are right there are nasty people on this site, people who call names, and stuff because you disagree with them.


I agree that the pharmacy should have called to let you know your medication was not going to be available.However if you are so concerned about that 40 mile trip maybe you should call ahead and make sure your medication has been filled.Sounds to me like the management tried resolving the issue.And if your so concerned about using 3 gallons of PREMIUM gas why did you not take the voucher that was offered to you?Sounds like you have nothing better to do with your time than complain.And NO I am not an employee of Walmart.

First Born Triplet

It is funny when people think you work for the company that you are defending when they just state the truth.


I doubt(if you are the age you are behaving) they would sell you your prescriptions without a parent present so what is the trouble. The sad thing is you mentioned you were driving so this means you are at least 16.

It is a shame that an adult like yourself is self centered and sarcastic and could not wait until the lunch was over. Then again ASSuming someone works for a company when they told you that you were wrong makes me wonder if you are a child, so whose car did you steal, mommy's daddy's, do they know you borrowed their car. Do they know that their five year old is stealing their car to go to Walmart. Stop ASSuming that that person is young when you are acting like a self centered little child.

Why did you not browse around the store, were you afraid of not getting back in time and having your parents find out you stole the car. Were you afraid they would call the police with you and the car missing?


I don't know why you would think the pharmacist was on a two hour lunch break. Not everybody goes to lunch at the same time.

If you go to lunch at noon that doesn't mean everybody does that. I do agree with the customer service person that told you to call ahead.

Actually a 40 mile round trip isn't that bad, when there are parts of the country that people have to drive at least that far, one way, just to get to a store of any type.


I suspect that you must be a WalMart employee, or you are so young that you have never experienced real customer service ( that is where employees are focused on insuring that their customers have a pleasant and positive experience in their store). Unfortunately, we have reached a state of affairs where corporations are large and insensitive, consumers do not take the time to complain, and expectations are so low that rude behavior is accepted without comment.

You may be satisfied to spend your time and money to be disrespected, but I am not going to do so without comment!

A simple telephone call, or text message would have let me know that my prescription was not ready, but a lack of respect by the employees at this pharmacy cost me a pleasant Sunday afternoon, and cost me money.


Only a young child would assume someone works for a company if they disagree with the poster. No one was rude to you, you must be a young child to assume someone was rude to you because you did not get what you wanted.

Rude would be if they told you to go fudge yourself. Not that you should call in advance. So before you go around assuming anyone as young don't show behaviors that makes you look young yourself.

Before you go around making any more childish assumptions, I don't work in retail, I don't work for this store or company. Any other smart aleck remarks?


Yes, you miss the point entirely. It was the lack of customer service and lack of consideration for a customer that is the central issue here.

The prescription could have been filled at any time.

The failure of the pharmacy to call shows a lack of consideration and concern for the customer.

And by the way...there are some really nasty people on this site. Especially the person that continued to call me an ***!