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Recently, I was stunned by the smug incompetence of a store manager after pharmacy employees lost my prescription and cancelled it without my permission (without even having filled the prescription). The store manager was so set in his assumption that looking at the camera footage would be "due diligence" that he refused to have an employee look for the lost prescription the old-fashioned way.

"It's not where it's supposed to be" was all he could muster, and no employees in the store's pharmacy took the initiative to conduct a search. Concerning the manager's self-described "excellent due diligence," he told me that the camera angle did not permit him to say definitively what had happened...and yet he referred to his camera system as "excellent." Making matters worse, rather than admitting even to the possibility that an employee lost or even misplaced my prescription, an employee inputted in "the system" that I had cancelled the order and the paper prescription was then returned to me. This in spite of the fact that the camera footage verified that I left the store 45 minutes BEFORE the time the prescription was cancelled and returned presumably to me. "You could have cancelled it by phone," the fat store manager replied when I pointed out the sheer implausibility of his "system's" claim.

You can't argue with ignorance, especially when it is stubborn and has some authority. When the pharmacist tried to get the provider (not my primary care physician) to reissue or revalidate the cancelled prescription, the refusal was based on "the system" at Walmart indicating that I have the prescription.

For a physician to be so ignorant makes the matter of what a Walmart store-manager is earning trite.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pharmacist.

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