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I have a sprained ankle and am in an Aircast. I needed a prescription filled to take down the swelling in my foot. I called Wal-Mart to see what time their pharmacy closed to which I was told 9pm.

I hobbled into Wal-Mart and found the pharmacy. It was 8:30pm on the dot. Upon approaching the window I made eye contact with the man behind the counter. I then stood there for about 5 minutes. Finally, the man said to me, "Hello, ma'am. We won't be able to fill your prescription. We close at 9pm." I asked him if he could please at least look at the prescription as it's a pretty common one. He said, "No, there's no way to fill it."

My question is this -- Why would you say you close at 9pm when apparently you close at 8:30pm? Why wouldn't the person who answered the phone when I called let me know that they wouldn't fill my prescription thereby saving me the painful walk in?

I'm sorry but this is going to be the last time I even think about going to Wal-Mart pharmacy. Poor customer service is inexcusable.

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Was the prescription actually brought in to them before that time? They have to contact the doctor's office in order to actually fill it, and most doctors won't even be in their offices that late in the day.

Even at mid-day, it's unlikely that you can get a new scrip filled in less than half an hour. You could have submitted it then, and it would have been ready the next morning; their system will even send you a text or give you a call to let you know when to come in.


Or they could just do their job and give the person his pills. GD! How hard is it?????????????




You don't seem bright, they don't close at 8:30 they close a 9 as they say, but they just do not accept prescriptions at the last minute. Next time go early and think logically like an adult


There's no reason they can't fill one last prescription if they cared about people.


It takes time to fill out prescriptions, besides legally they would not be allowed to give the prescription to her anyways since she is under 18. She needs to learn the difference between bad customer service and not giving in to temper tantrums when the person is wrong.


How much time? Sweeping pills from the table top into bottles cant take long.




Do you expect any other business to take in more than they can do????? Do you take your car in 1/2 hr before closing and expect it done before closing?

Do you walk into your Drs and expect them to see you with no appointment, 1/2 hr before closing. He wasn't closed, he was catching up from the busy day and knew how much he had left.

Plan ahead. Don't expect the world to rotate around you


They better or they will lose my bidnesses.


Most Walmart RX employees are fools and liars. I have been getting my Oxy 30mg.filled there for 9 months and I go in to get it filled and this new pharmacy tech is Hispanic and a liar.

I give it my script and she immediately says that they don't carry it. (She didn't say they were out but they didn't carry it) I told her she was a liar and I need to speak to somebody that tells the truth. A white RX tech came over and said she was new and got it wrong. I said BS that she lied about it and didn't look it up or even speak to the pharmacist.

The white tech said they will have it ready in 30 minutes and if I wanted to wait. I went to the manager after getting it filled and really complained.

The next month the liar was gone and my prescription was filled without any lies or drama. 'Nuff said !


It was probably a visiting pharmacist who made a mistake. Talking to the store manager does absolutely NOTHING.

The pharmacy in a retail store is NOT controlled by the management or home office. It is controlled by the state.

Only the State Department of Pharmacy can remove a pharmacist. Nuff said.


Pharmacist are just people who couldn't get into optometry school. Have fun counting pills while I get to help my patients actually get to see.


And optometrists are just people who could not get into med school right?


Your stupidity is astounding... Freaking junky lol


Look folks, it's easy!

If you don't like the service you get from Walmart, go somewhere else.


How *** hard is it to be a farmacist. I mean really, push pills into a bottle. just work harder and faster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Your an ***, all the legal *** they have to do first and I know your job at McDonald's is fairly simple but their mistakes mean something. If you've never made over $8 an hour don't pretend you know what goes on in a professional job.


You can't even spell pharmacist @Bobs2015. Harder and faster isn't always better.

You won't be saying harder and faster when they rush through getting your script together so you won't be an *** to them and it's the wrong kind and/or number bc you rushed them.

They are legally responsible for any mistakes made. If you don't like it go to school for X amount of years and you can do it yourself, since after all it's so easy.


The pharmacist only has to count some pills into a bottle. How long could it take???????????? seriousy!!!!!