Baltimore, Maryland
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i had my Rx moved form a decent company to walmart because of the convience and that was a huge mistake

i was promised in the morning that my rx would be filled my 2pm. i waited my lunchtime and went to find out they took luch together and were closed for 1/2, very inconvient.

i waited in the long line to be told by the aide that my order wasn't ready. it was 2:15. some reconstriuction needs to take place before losing anymore customers. don't promise something you can't follow thry with.

How long does it take to fill a rx.

the other stores say 1/2 hour, not 1/2 day.

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I bought produce in wal-marts and didnot look at the produce until I got home. the onions were rotten inside which I could not see the strawberries was rotten on the bottom bell peppers were rotten.

I went back to walmart and looked around the produce department and there were a lot of rotten produce in that store. I checked the cloth at walmart and 95 % of cloths are made in other countries. none from united states.

How is united states peop-le supposted to make a living. no more complants but people had better start looking around.