Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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i have been using the pharmacy at nw23rd & macarthur in o.k.c. ok for ten years.

i will never use this one again . it is obvious they are just drawing time. uncaring,unfeeling incompetence should not be tolerated. if it was just one isolated incident, i understand anyone can make a mistake, but that is not the case.

wrong perscriptions, lies,extremely long waits while employees b.s. instead of doing their jobs. my hope is that someone in position of authority will remedy this problem. my name is bob dugger.

please someone help before a disaster happens. thanks

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Walmart associates really don't care. The corporation treats them like trash so why should they care.

I work for Walmart but I never go to Walmart pharmacies. Too many problems. I go to Walgreens.

Much better service. No issues.