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i bought a glucose meter and when I got home, I opened it and it was in spanish. I tried to return it and they wouldn't help me.

I was sent to the pharmacy and the gal was rude. She asked me if i had called the number on the box. I said no. She said I can't help you if you don't call the number.

She was rude and wasn't planning on helping me even if I had called that number. Then a pharmacist women jumped in and said that there were signs stating they didn't take back meters and some came in Spanish. I told her this is America & I speak English. The box should have been more plan.

And when she tried to show me the signs on the counter they didn't exist. She was ignorant as well. I don't work for Walmart and don;t give a *** about any of their policies. I told her where she could stick the meter.

I didn't cuss or threaten her. But she did say don't threaten me or I will call security. I guess that's how Walmart takes care of a dissatisfied customer. I told her go ahead and call security.

I stopped doing business with Walmart Pharmacy over 2 years ago because their service was so poor. Unfortunately the meter strips for my machine are Walmart pacific.

So I called the number on the box and explained the situation to the person from RELION and they are going to FEDEX a new meter with instructions in English at no cost. And they told me to give the meter to someone that could use it. That's customer Service!!!.

All Walmart employees had to say "it was State Law that they can't take back the meters and if you call that phone number they will take care of you. I assure." But they are *** bent on reciting policies and being firm about no refunds or exchange. I'm not sure they employ anyone smart enought to know that or just don't plan care.

I really don't feel Walmart cares about losing customers. They have become so big they don't care!!!!

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I wasn't there but telling the WalMart reps where to stick a glucose meter is less than ideal achieving the desired result.

As for customer service, it appears that out of the two individuals, you where given the correct information which is good.

With that information you achieved a satisfactory end result.

Well done. ;)


IT IS STATE LAW!! Anything involving bodily fluids cannot not be returned due to federal health regulation (for example - test strips, needles, AND glucose meters) Do you want to buy something that somebody else has already bought???


The person told you to call the 800 number, you called the 800 number, you got your meter, and you still cannot write in English. So, what's your problem?