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I completely understand the reason, and the need for SOME SORT of hygienic barrier between customers and staff at the pharmacy window. However, Walmarts solution to this issue is pointless, serves no useful purpose, and causes physical difficulty to your customers, and doesnt even accomplish the intended goal.

The window is completely blocked, except for a narrow opening at counter level, and the plexiglass barrier blocks the passage of sound so completely that the employee and the customer cannot hear each other unless one or both of them lowers their face to the opening by bending over and putting their face near it.

This can be difficult for either or both of them if either has any sort of back related issues, and puts their faces in close contact anyway.

We are all already wearing masks, put some holes in the plastic, or dont extend it all the way to the ceiling, or stand the plastic an inch or so off the wall to allow sound to pass around it, or SOMETHING, so that we can communicate without yelling our personal and medical information at the top of our voices for the general public to hear, or straining our backs just to defeat the actual purpose of the barrier in the first place.

User's recommendation: If more customers complained, maybe the issue would be addressed.

Location: Orlando, Florida

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You're ignorant for posting this. Easy solution is to go elsewhere.

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