Houma, Louisiana

On 2-3-12 I went to wal mart in mathews Louisiana to get a RX filled for a blood sugar meter. The pharmacy worker "Katrina" told me I had to contact my insurance company to find out the specific kind they cover.

I left and attempted to contact my insurance company but they were closed. My mother in law called to check on me and she was told what "Katrina" said. My mother in law told me that the wal Mary in Boutte Louisiana, which is fifteen minutes away, didn't tell her husband he had to contact his insurance company.

On 2-4-12 I went back to the same wal mart to inquire why the wal mart in Boutte would contact the insurance company and they wouldn't. I told the pharmacy worker "Katrina" what I was told by my mother in law said and she replies rudely "Well this is WAL MART telling you we don't do that"!!!!

Her attitude was uncalled for. Katrina is the reason I will not shop in matthews wal mart again.

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I know this is old but if you expect your insurance plan to cover your meter and testing supplies, YOU have to find out which ones your insurance will cover, THEN get your doctor to write a script for THAT brand. It is YOUR responsibility to call your insurance.

If we spend all our time on hold with YOUR insurance, everyone else will not get their medications. Would YOU want to wait in line for meds that I can not fill because I am calling someone's insurance for something they are supposed to do????


You lazy *** how hard is it for you to pick up the phone? If you couldn't get a hold of the insurance company how the h e l l was Wal-Mart going to do it?