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I have recently gone to walmart to fill a prescription and had to deal with two women that where downright rude. It's a bit sad considering they are the cheapest.

I pay 259 monthy to be treated like a ***. Guess what not now. Thanks to cvs and il pay 19.00 more just to be respected. Twice I left my prescription there and came back and was told they couldnt fill because they didnt have enough in stock.

Why cant u tell me that an hour ago. One of those times I told them to give back my prescription and il go to cvs and then they said oh we can fill it we just like to save some in case another customer comes in.

Wanting to give me 3 days worth. So basically *** on me for the next guy and *** on them as well.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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My child had an ear infection they wanted to give me 3 days worth and to come back. I said I want the prescription back and I well get it elseware (no you can't do that we already put it though your insurance) I said I do not want 3 days of a 10 day prescription give me it back so I can get the entire 10 days. wallyworld sucks.

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