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I was getting a prescription filled for my dad who had a painful surgery. The pharmacist told me to come back in an hour.

I asked why and was informed the entire pharmacy goes to lunch. While this may not seem long to you, for someone in pain this is a very long time. I have pulled his prescriptions from there and am now currently using Walgreens. I have never ever heard of this practice before and I am disgusted you feel that this is ok.

Target, CVS, and Walgreens doesnt use this practice. I cant figure out how you feel that this is ok.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Walmart Cons: Closed for lunch.

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Yes, Walmart feels this practice is ok. The mindset of Walmart is somewhat different than that of normal, caring people. Best to take your scripts elsewhere in addition to your other shopping.


Walmart pharmacists get a 30 minute lunch from 1:30pm to 2pm if the store only has one pharmacist on duty. Considering they have to stand for their duties and may have to work 12 hour shifts (I am a Walmart pharmacist), it is not unreasonable to get a single 30 minute lunch period.


Don't even know why anyone even attempts to shop at Walmart?


It is one of the few places that accepts EBT and WIC and cheaper prices.


Your all FU$%)(! dumb.

Of course they need a lunch break 4 the person who posted this. The real question is: why cant they take their lunches at separate intervals? IE 12pm, 1pm, etc. And for the other MOR#ONS who said its good they get a break so they dont screw up the Rx: Its an 8hr shift.

Are you serious?!!!

You need a long lunch for 8hrs yah, but not because you are so tired you'll mess up. Get off your fat lazy *** and do some real work.


Heard that. My Dr.

wrote me a script for clindamycin 3x a day. They filled it Cialis 3x a day. Now I have a 12 inch Johnson. I don't have any complaints but my wife, cousin, neighbor's wife and mail woman are sore about it.

Thanks wmart. P.S.

I think my pet goat is dead.

@Richard Head

You made me smile LIKE


Most work the full 10 hr day (9-7pm) not 8. Legally, at least in MI, the pharmacy CANNOT BE OPEN unless the pharmacist is he the physical presence of the pharmacy.

Meaning when I go to lunch for that half hour, the pharmacy has to close.

We aren't inconsiderate *** - the techs stagger lunches and we open as fast as we can after 2 to get things done. In this case I'd probably have stayed since it was an emergency script, but after that happens day after day, you have to set the cutoff somewhere.


Seriously? You are mad that the pharmacy staff is taking a lunch break?

Do you get a lunch break where you work? I would be willing to bet that if you had a job, you would have time to take a lunch during the day. They deserve the same thing. Just because it is a retail pharmacy does not mean that they have to bend over backwards for you.

I don't think you would appreciate being yelled at when you are trying to take your lunch break. Grow up and put yourself in their shoes before you start complaining.


Actually it is more along the lines that they all work different shifts and should take lunch breaks at different times and not at the same time.


There has to be a licensed pharmacist in the box at all times. When they go to lunch, so does everyone else.

Nobody is allowed in the Pharmacy until the pharmacist returns. That's the law.

Now, they could staff two pharmacists...

But I'm betting you wouldn't like their prices anymore. Pharmacists aren't cheap, and like everything else, YOU are one paying for them.


I don't think this person cares about money, they are likely six years old, perhaps seven at the most. Their mommy and daddy pays for their stuff. How do I know this person is a child, she thinks the whole store should be shut down for lunch, everyone else should be inconvenienced just because she is upset, talk about childish and immature.


An hour is quite long, but these Pharmacists do deserve a lunch after working a 10-12 hour day. I wouldn't want them doing their job if they didn't have that break since it can lead to serious errors. And just so you know many Walgreens and CVS DO NOT allow their Pharmacists a single break during their long days, so you are also encouraging poor business practices.


Heard that. My Dr.

wrote me a script for clindamycin 3x a day. They filled it Cialis 3x a day. Now I have a 12 inch Johnson. I don't have any complaints but my wife, cousin, neighbor's wife and mail woman are sore about it.

Thanks wmart.

P.S. I think my pet goat is dead.

@Hugh G. Wrection

Now that is another definition of long and hard.


Why is it so hard for a WM pharmacist to eat lunch? The store is full of food.


You are an *** retard. I hope you go to prison and accidentally slip and fall in the shower with your mouth open on a dude's rod.


This is a total load of BS. State labor laws require lunch breaks for anyone working over 5-6 hours. Stop posting false information.


Labor law doesn't apply to "exempt" employees- defined as "management or professional". Pharmacists can legally be asked to work 12 to 14 hours a day with no break of ANY kind.

Pharmacy Technicians and cashiers fall under labor laws and must be given regular breaks including lunch.

This is NOT false information.


Every Walmart Pharmacy has hours posted, and the sign says that when there is only one Pharmacist on duty the Pharmacy will be closed for lunch. If you care about your Father I think you would want to make sure the people who are dispensing his Narcotic Pain Medications get it right.

I am sorry you are 'disgusted' that real people work in the Pharmacy and need to eat.

I am sure the hour+ wait time at the Walgreens was worth your effort.