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I tried to print photos of myself in a wedding gown which were taken by a close friend (not a professional). After waiting for over 30 minutes for them to even print they would not sell the pictures to me without a copy wright release.

This very frustrating and a waste of my time and gas money to drive there. How does Wal-Mart know if a picture has a copy wright on it?

I am very frustrated with how I was blown off and dismissed just like that when there was no issue to begin with. How do they confirm these things?

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I agree they should have let you get your photo. BUT, my boyfriend happens to run a walmart grocery (where there used to be a photo machine--not that it matters with what I'm about to tell you...) and if they denied you based on copyright infringement/or not producing a valid copyright, you must have really pissed them off before hand.

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I suggest you study copyright laws instead of blaming a company. Obviously you were nt the one getting married since you are still a child.


A copyright on a photo is implied AND owned by the person who took the picture for their lifetime +100 years, I believe. If you told Wal-Mart you didn't/couldn't take the pictures (of yourself)then what they did is rather picky but right!

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