Nesconset, New York
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The local store (Rockland Maine) refused to print a photo I had taken of my USA passport. They said it was against corporate policy.

Well, corporate should open up a recent USA passport and read the first page where the US Department of State (the owner of the passport) TELLS the holder of the passport to photo COPY the information page. So what is the problem?? It is logical too. It is better to have a photo stolen than a passport!

obviously when you fly and cross borders you use the real one...but not when you go shopping or go out to dinner. The thief would love to get a passport, thats worth money, the photo isn't of any use to him. Some *** at corporate just included the passport in a list of "don't allow prints of" whithout checking.

It is like dealing with a lobotamized cockroach! Walmart, wise up, you are creating enemies!!

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I used to work at this store where people would come in and ask us to photo copy IDs and passports and stuff, we weren't allowed to. On the copy machine it stated what you were and weren't allowed to copy legally, it came with the copier it wasn't something that was put on by the store.