Visalia, California

Experience with photo department was really bad. Ordered photo on line in December (1 day service). Went in and was told machine was broken cannot print. Checked with them a few weeks later. Was told it was still broken might be fixed by end of January.

Got notice that photo was printed. Went in and was told everything except 8 x 10 were printed. Noticed tag that would be put on envelope had been printed but no photo. Told it should be fixed in a few weeks.

Was billed for the photo so I went in last night. They could not find anything on it. Was told to call back the next day and talk to a particular person.

Talked to that person and was told that I had to get my money back because they no longer had the photo and that the print machine was being switched out. Said there was nothing they could do.

Everyone I talked to was always polite but Walmart should have put a notice on the website that this store no longer had printing capability. Customers should have been informed. The person at Walmart said they tried but were told it cold not be done.

Is this really the way you treat your customers? I would never use this service again and I would make sure everyone I know, knows that it is not a good idea to use Walmart for printing photos.

I was really bummed that Walmart would not think of their customers, especially since it took so long to fix the machine and then everything was lost

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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and THIS is why I refuse to use Wal-Mart's photo service. CVS does a much better job.


I got my pics back and there was a pic of someone's underwear with crusty dookie in it. Nasty *** underwear!


Someone definitely dropped the ball. I worked in a walmart photo center while finishing college and anytime our machines were down and we could not print, one of the first things we did was call a number so our online services could be turned off temporarily.

Then, when our machines were up and running, we would call again and have them reinstated. Sounds like a training issue or just plain negligence.


Oh boo hoo, this six year old had her first experience of how horrible life is full of disappointment. Sorry for your bad experience.

They refunded your allowance, it is not like they kept your allowance and did not provide the pictures. The matter was resolved. Also they cannot just wave a wand and magically make the machines start working. Someone who is a professional has to do this, and if he is booked up fixing other machines they have to wait their turn.

You know waiting your turn, something you learned last year in kindergarten. Well even big companies have to wait their turn or wait for when the technician(ask a parent what that big word means) comes in.