Vallejo, California
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On Thanksgiving Day my wife, granddaughter and I went to Wal-Mart for the evening sales. I purchased several Items!

My granddaughter and I took the items out to the car. I am handicapped & was in a Wal-Mart in electric wheelchair. My wife stayed in the store waiting to purchase a TV. On return to the door I was told by Chris a person monitoring the door I couldn't gain entrance without waiting in line.

The wait time was about 45 minutes I was told. I showed him my receipt. But he rudely said it didn't mater. I was told I couldn't reenter without standing in line.

He also refused to let my granddaughter go and get my wife or let anyone try to contact her. I moved over closer to the door to try and warm up. I had intentions to wait for my wife as I had only a trunk key and not the remote to gain access to the car. I also tried contacting my wife by phone but because of the noise in the store she couldn't hear it.

The door Monitor told me I had to move away from the door because I was blocking access which I was not. I refused telling him I was trying to keep warm by the door. I waited about15 Minutes until I was so cold I was shaking. I told the door monitor to call the police I was going in any way.

I immediately contacted the store manager Mike but I was so mad & cold I had a hard time expressing myself. I gathered up my wife and left the store.

I have been sick all day Friday coming down with a cold. Thanks Wal-Mart.

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Maybe the reason you are sick is because you spent the busiest shopping day of the year at walmart with 2 million other sick and disgusting idiots. You are lucky you did not get beat to death.


There was no Walmart in Vallejo in 2011.


Colds are not in fact caused by cold weather first of all. As for the abuse, I think people who call that they have been abused but haven't, should be beaten.


I'm calling BS on this one. No one is ignorant enough to believe that the behavior of someone at Wal-Mart "made" them abuse their child/grandchild. BS!


Maybe if people didn't post such useless and baseless complaints they would leave themselves open to such ridicule. This website is mean to be a website for consumers who have real complaints about companies which obviously this person does not. But if they wish to make such baseless complaints then be prepeared for the backlash.


Congratulations Pissed Consumer. You have created yet another useless, demeaning, pathetic means for people to let others know about their experiences with companies.

This, like every other website meant to educate has become a scapegoat for every uneducated, heartless, immature *** out there to belittle normal, everyday people.

You all need to get lives. And, sir, I highly recommend that you never bother posting your concerns on ANY website again except the store's website itself as you obviously will not find anyone mature enough to help you here.


The door man did nothing wrong. A receipt means nothing.

How is the door man supposed to know you were going in to get someone else. For all they know you were trying to cut back in front of the line and sneak back in to buy more Black Friday items. Don't blame the doorman because YOU yelled at daughter. The doorman didn't force you to yell at your daughter.

YOU made YOUR own choice and yelled at your daughter. Quit trying to blame the doorman for your stupidity and poor parenting.

GET OVER IT YOU BIG BABY!!!!! :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


Why should they let you in? How is the door monitor supposed to know you're going in to get someone else?

A receipt means nothing.

For all they know you're trying to sneak back in to buy more items.

:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


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