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Update by user Jan 05, 2015

I've heard nothing whatever from Walmart regarding this issue. I still get their online ads but I've learned nothing more about their policies.

I got the impression that I was dealing with different divisions of the same company

that aren't working together to achieve customer satisfaction.

The online purchasing and store purchasing, in other words, are both owned by Walmart. I didn't expect anything to happen quickly, uh, like in my life span.


Update by user Dec 05, 2014

I should have thought of this easy resolution and included it in my complaint, namely, all the responsible corporate agents have to do to satisfy

any consumer with this same complaint is to make it a policy that Walmart

stores match prices with - problem solved - and the consumer

will be asked to pick up the item him/herself off the regular shelf at the store. All of which would be clearly explained on the website.

Original review posted by user Dec 05, 2014

I followed the online directions at to order several items and to pick them up at a Walmart store.

I understood that the items had to be at the store or this wouldn't work. Why didn't I just go get it off the shelf?

Two reasons: 1) Finding things where they are listed to be in the local store is problematic, to say the kindest word.

2) I had an uneasy feeling that IF I found the item, the price would be different since online pricing

doesn't always match up with in store pricing.

What happened? I called the online customer service complaining that I couldn't find the screen switch to make

the Pick Up at the Store accessible. Their program kept adding the shipping charges even though nothing

on the site explained why the choices I was given contradicted what I'd just read on their pages.

What did I learn? a) is a 3rd party entity not owned or controlled by Walmart. This I was told by the customer service.

b) The Walmart store has no obligation whatever to match the price of this 3rd party entity

bearing the Walmart name.

Conclusions: 1) There may be bargains to be had on the website but only if the item isn't on the

shelf at the local store. So free shipping is something of a myth and you can't figure that out

from reading the pages of

2) For all it's effort at customer friendly service, the real Walmart doesn't seem to know about the

frustration inherent in allowing this situation to continue. I haven't yet researched the validity of

the economic separation between Walmart and "" - yes, I know I'm misspelling it.

Melkisadek Emptor

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor 3rd party policy.

Preferred solution: Since is using the Walmart brand name and giving misleading information on their site, I'd like to see some changes made or the site renamed..

Walmart Pros: Honesty of customer service.

Walmart Cons: Misleading ad info online.

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uh if you did any kind of online shopping you'd know this is common practice as the online versions of stores have less overhead costs to store/ship things as having things on the shelf in a brick & mortar version. just look at amazon, why do you think they have such low prices on so many things? because they don't have any brick & mortar shops...YET.