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New Bern has two Walmart.The larger, older store on hwy 17 .

The smaller, "express" version a few miles away. The larger store is a mess, literally and figuratively. There are often empty spots on the shelves. The store could be much cleaner, but not all of that is the employees fault.

I once saw a woman change a dirty diaper on a shelve, using products not yet sold, and leaving the mess for someone else to clean up. There are break ins in the parking lot, and I do hear about the odd mugging. I once watched a young man urinate on a car near me in broad daylight. So you can't blame Walmart for what its customers choose to do, but I can blame them for a dirty store, empty shelves, and rude/ unhelpful employees.

If you have to go to one of the large Walmart, drive about 15 miles east on 70 and go the one on havelock.

Never go to the knew in new Bern after dark.No security and they need it.

Review about: Walmart Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Walmart customers everywhere are savages, not just your store.And Walmart doesn't treat their employees well enough to motivate them to be helpful.

If you require helpful employees, go to Target.You get what you pay for, though, so be prepared to pay more.

Naples, Florida, United States #1319304

You can't really blame them for a dirty store since it isn't the employees making the messes. As for empty shelves, it happens everywhere.

to LadyScot #1319341

Let me tell you how good it is to see you on again :)

to Anonymous Naples, Florida, United States #1319414

Thank you! :)

to LadyScot #1329459

It is the job of the employees to keep the stores clean!

to Anonymous Naples, Florida, United States #1332322

I agree to an extent.I personally am not your slave, and I personally am not going to go behind you picking up that raw chicken you shove on the jean shelf in ladies wear.

I am not going to go behind you and pick up the shi.tty diaper you left in the dressing room. I am not going to pick up the ice cream you left in the toy department. I am not going to refold the 50000000000 shirts you just demolished and tossed on the floor. I am not going to pick up the 10000000000 toys you let your kids play with in the toy department.

The fact is, people are slobs and make horrendous messes for absolutely no reason but the "employee job to clean it up".I would dearly love to know where all you people who think like that work so I can come be YOUR customer.

to LadyScot #1333966

I work retail - fortunately getting old enough to retire soon so I don't have to deal with the hordes of entitled animals masquerading as customers tearing up things.I'm certain they don't do this type of hogslopping in their own houses, but somehow it's ok to do it somewhere else.

It's a entitlement mindset that has taken over and won't go away no matter what we say.I notice in people in their late 50s and older, if they break something, they insist on paying for it, if they make a mess, they clean it up (sometimes cleaning other people's messes, too), and they aren't putting raw chicken on the shelf in housewares.

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